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Baltimore Sun Profiles the Pallas Foundation's Mullen Initiative

Admiral Mike Mullen Quoted on New Scholarship with Pallas and Anne Arundel Community College

February 24, 2023 (Annapolis, MD) — Admiral Mike Mullen recently spoke with the Baltimore Sun to discuss the Adm. Mullen Initiative, a new scholarship established with the Pallas Foundation and Anne Arundel Community College to foster the development of emerging leaders in national security.

“I’m big on education, and I think if you gave me one thing to create an opportunity for someone in the future, it would be to put them in a good education environment. I think community colleges are underutilized in the country,” said Mullen. He added that the Mullen Initiative provided the "opportunity to both mentor . . . and to provide a scholarship for underprivileged kids."

Click here to read the full Baltimore Sun story (subscribers only).

For more on the Mullen Initiative, please see our press release.


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