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Pallas Advisors Founding Partner Tony DeMartino Joins Janes Advisory Board

May 24, 2021

Tony DeMartino, Founding Partner at Pallas Advisors, will bring his deep expertise in national security to Janes, a company with long-standing history in the defense and intelligence community, as a member of their advisory board.

Janes partners with global government agencies and leading military manufacturers across the world and is at the forefront of analysis in the open-source information domain. Janes brings together disparate data from multiple sources to deliver structured, timely, relevant, and validated open-source intelligence. Their software platform accelerates data discovery and analysis, allowing a user to rapidly build a contextually accurate picture of the operational environment.

Tony DeMartino discussed the evolution of Janes’ value in the defense enterprise as a staple source for assured information on any capability, environment, or operational need. “I look forward to working with Janes as they build on their legacy to bring verified open-source intelligence to bear for senior leader decision-making in this era of great power competition where information dominance is increasingly critical,” said Tony.

For more, see the press release here.


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